– The Montesquieu Forum –

This new think tank was set up at the University of Reading (UK) in order to contribute to modernising classical democracy at the dawn of the digital age.

Many thinkers and (former) practitioners of public governance are concerned about the quality of democracy today. It is widely believed to be under various threats, from integration processes (such as in the European Union )and from globalisation, or from deep economic shifts and financialization, technology developments or new media.

A number of leading thinkers have come together to set up a platform for exchanges about the nature of threats to democracy and possible solutions. They believe that, in order to preserve democracy, on which effective capitalist markets are based, and citizens’ welfare, which requires sustainable innovations and global trade, we will have to re-invent governance. Through exchanges between real world experiences and academic work, its members aim to innovate the practices of public and of corporate governance.

The Schepers-Lijnen Fund has agreed a contribution towards the establishment of the think tank.