How to contribute?

Project proposals should be sent to the Schepers-Lijnen Fund at the King Baudouin Foundation, which will also provide information about procedure and conditions.

For its contact details, see

Executive Committee of the Fund


Mr Guido Gryseels, director of the Royal Museum for Central Africa


Mr Dominique Allard, director and representative of the King Badouin Foundation
Ms. Rita Schepers
Mr Stefan Schepers


Ms. Hélène de Fabribeckers, philanthropy advisor at the King Badouin Foundation
Tel: +32-2-549 02 00 |

How does the Fund operate?

The Fund considers itself as a social investor which supports projects with a potential high return for society and with entrepreneurial management.

Proposed projects are evaluated by the relevant experts of the King Baudouin Foundation and by its own Board, taking into account their intrinsic qualities, innovativeness, execution capabilities of the project managers, measurable outcome, and multiplication effects.

In addition to its own financial means, the Fund collects the support of others around certain specific projects.

In Belgium, donations made above €40 benefit from the tax deduction status of the King Baudouin Foundation. They should be made to account nr. IBAN BE10 0000 0000 0404, BIC BPOTBEB1, with reference ‘Schepers-Lijnen Fund of KBS-RFB’, structured reference 015/0600/00031.

Donations from outside Belgium benefit from tax deduction via the European System of Transnational Giving.