– La Petite Ecole –

The aim of this project is to prepare the children of migrants and refugees with little or no school experience for primary school. It is an innovative project with a potentially large social added value.

La Petite Ecole is a recent initiative of the vzw RED-Laboratoire Pédagogique that was founded in 2010 in Brussels by two passionate teachers, Marie Pierrard and Juliette Pirlet. A pedagogic laboratory is a place for research and experiments with regard to education, with the central question: how can knowledge be passed on in a different way in practice?

In 2015, the association launched “La Petite Ecole” as an experiment for the children of migrants and refugees. Above all young children have often experienced only war, exile and unimaginably difficult journeys; they are unable emotionally and cognitively to adapt to school in Belgium.

La Petite Ecole offers them a place specially for them for a few months to prepare, not only by learning a new language in a customised way, but also by giving them the self-confidence again emotionally speaking to leave the protective family circle and go to school regularly.

In this way, La Petite Ecole helps the children to leave their traumas behind, but it also helps their families who for the first time in a long while can dream of a future for them. The project thus helps with the integration of the entire family. La Petite Ecole receives support from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. After being visited by the President of the Committee of the Regions, the initiative received a lot of positive attention in other countries.

Having granted three years financing at its launch, the Fund continues to contribute annually to its functioning.

If you wish to offer additional support for this project, please transfer to this account:

King Badouin Foundation
J. Schepers-G. Lijnen
IBAN BE 10 0000 0000 0404
Structured code: ***015/0600/00132***